Performance Solutions

BVS performance solutions, in very much the same way as with our economy solutions, utilize only the most cutting edge technology from the market leading ECU remapping and tuning specialist at the very pinnacle of the industry, Viezu.

Viezu lead the world in the field of ECU Remapping and car tuning, with a worldwide tuning network and ECU remapping in thousands of vehicles, nobody is better positioned to help you with all your car tuning and performance requirements.

Performance tuning is obviously the more passionate and exciting side of vehicle tuning, and we can offer performance tuning and chip tuning for most vehicles. – Simply contact us to discuss your specific model and requirements.

Our tuning and ECU remapping is fully custom written, which means we can account and adjust for your specific needs and vehicle modifications, including Injector tuning, Intercoolers, turbo and supercharger modifications, induction and exhaust systems, and other upgrades too.

All our tuning is dyno developed, proven and emission tested, so you have the assurance that the ECU tuning and engine tuning offered is known, tested and guaranteed to deliver a smile!

These are some of the things you can expect from a BVS performance solution

* More power

* Greater Torque

* Enhanced, sharper throttle response

* Smoother, more progressive delivery of power

* Reliable and safe

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